Why Buy Pet Supplies Sussex Pet Food?

We at Pet Supplies Sussex know, that your furry or feathered family pet is just as unique as you are. This is why we cater to the fussy eaters, the eaters who have special requirements, and even just the pet who wants a simple and tasty choice of food. Why not try it Today!?

Why ‘Buy’ Pet Supplies Sussex – Super Premium Dog and Cat food?

Pet food comes in an array of shapes, sizes and flavours. We often get asked what’s the best food? To this there is no simple answer!

There are varying requirements depending on your individual pet. From needing a Grain free, hypoallergenic, puppy, senior, weight control, gentle digestion, large breed, small breed and sensitive food. this is were our range of ‘Super Premium’ have your pet covered.

If you are simply looking for a good quality food, in a no fuss bag, at a competitive price. Our own brand ‘Super Premium’ cat and dog food is exactly that. Your cat or dog doesn’t mind if the bag their food is in, isn’t covered in a glossy marketing picture. They just care that the food suits their requirements, is scrummy and you keep their bowl full to the brim (well within the feeding guidelines).

Pet Supplies Sussex Super Premium offers exactly that and means you need look no further!