Friendly Readigrass 1kg


Friendly ReadiGrass is 100% natural feed, made exclusively from British pastures. Our unique low-temperature drying process removes only the water leaving the fragrant aroma, vibrant colour and high nutrient value of fresh grass.


This gives a feed that is more nutritious than hay, yet still contains the digestible fibre essential for your animal’s health.

Benefits :

•Friendly ReadiGrass has the correct calcium: phosphorus ratio of 2:1 to aid normal skeletal development.

•Full of natural flavour, sealed in by the drying process to ensure palatability, tempting even the fussiest eaters and reducing wastage.

•The drying process sterilises the grass, killing virtually all parasites, mites, fleas, fungal spores and other harmful contaminates often found in hay.

•The fibrous nature of the grass helps to reduce the risk of overgrown teeth.

•Friendly ReadiGrass is available in convenient 1kg carry bags


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