April 28, 2021

The ‘Brewing’ of a New dog treat

Why not treat yourself and your dog with all the benefits that a brewery has to offer?

Pet Supplies Sussex believe in being a glass half full type of person, but aren’t we all on the weekends!

In the most part there is a positive to be found. But In light of recent events of Covid 19, many people have found things changed dramatically during the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. From having to learn new ways of living and working. Companies have had to diversify to survive. This is exactly what Lister’s Brewery in Lower Barpham, Patching West Sussex did, by thinking outside of the box and creating a tasty new dog treat.

The out of the box thinking led them to reimagine how brewing barley could be alternatively used. This is how Lister Dog treats were born. Would you believe it? Crazy isn’t it! Or maybe not…..

Listers treats are made using barley from the brewing process and other natural ingredients. Each dog treat has a unique flavour. Whilst this treat was born during the pandemic, it also considered how it could be made with low impact to the environment. This is achieved by all treats being baked in carbon neutral ovens.

‘‘Lister’s Brewery is named after the fondly remembered family pet terrier. Lister loved to be the centre of attention on any pub visit. He liked nothing more than to wander the floors of an East End pub looking for discarded pork scratchings, the odd splash of spilt beer and any human affection going. It was always easy to find him – you just had to look for the person bending down to stroke him.

For the Red Dwarf fans amongst you – yes he was named after the main character, Dave Lister, after he was re-homed from Battersea Dogs Home! ’’

In remembrance of the joy and love Lister brought to the pub, a foundation was created. This is why for every bag of Tail Waggies treats sold, a donation of 25p is made to Lister’s Dog Foundation.

Sooooo, now the pubs are open for business again and the weather is lovely. We can once again enjoy sitting in a pub garden. Or indeed just sitting in the garden with a friend. On a sunny afternoon with a pint of beer (or drink of your choice) and your loved dog by your side. In this winning combination, what’s not to like. We think your furry companion deserves a treat. This is why we happily support this new local venture. 

Buy your tasty Listers dog treats today!