July 13, 2021 Summer Pet Care Tips

Summer Pet Care Tips

Summer is here! Well, it was for a while any way………

While most people enjoy basking in the warm summer weather, dogs might not find it as enjoyable. As we continue, we’ll share our suggestions on how to be fully prepared for the warmer weather while also focusing on summer pet care.

By following some of these easy steps, keeping your dog cool and safe can be simple. Meaning the summer is sure to be enjoyed by all.

Did you know………as the air temperature rises, so does the ground temperature. Depending on the surface, it can rise more than you’d imagine. In the UK, temperatures rarely exceed 25 degrees, but we do have some days reaching 30 degrees and higher, as seen in the summer of 2020.

“Tarmac and hard surfaces can be significantly hotter than the air temperature, sometimes exceeding 50 degrees.”

Skin damage can occur in just 60 seconds at 50 degrees. A short walk on the pavement or down the road can be harmful to your dog. Before walking your dog, place your hand on the ground to feel the temperature. If it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for your dog’s feet.

Knowing how to keep dogs cool in the heat is crucial, and it can be more challenging for some breeds than others. Dogs with thicker coats or more hair may struggle more. Here are seven essential tips for summer pet care to help keep your furry friend cool in the scorching summer heat:

Here are 7 easy tips to help keep dogs cool in the summer heat

1. Choose the Right Time:

Walk your dog early or late in the day to avoid the sun’s peak heat. Remember that the heat can linger into the evenings, making tarmac too hot for walks. This can lead to cracked or dry dog paws. Try to walk on grass or woodland paths when possible.

2. Watch for Dehydration:

Dogs can’t regulate their body heat like humans, making them more susceptible to heatstroke. Take immediate action if you notice these signs. Signs of dehydration include:
-Panting more to try and keep themselves cool
-A dog who excessively is drooling and becomes lethargic
-Eyes which become blood shot and may appear a little pale.

3. Stay Hydrated:

Dogs have different needs in hot weather. Darker dog coats will absorb more heat than lighter coats. Also heavier and overweight dogs will also be at increased risk during hot weather. When walking, carry a doggy water bottle and bowl (if not combined) to offer water frequently.

4. Provide Cooling Spots:

Create a shaded area in your garden or place your dog’s bed in the coolest room. A child’s paddling pool can help them stay cool for drinking or a quick paddle. A wet towel in the shade also provides comfort as it cools your dog through evaporation.

5. Cool From Below:

Lay a wet towel on the ground for your dog to lie on instead of draping it over them. Alternatively, spray their feet and tummy with a water mist, which is a simple and enjoyable way to keep them cool.

6. Never Leave in a Parked Car!:

Avoid leaving your dog in a parked car, even in mildly warm temperatures. Dogs can overheat quickly, and it can be fatal. It’s saddening that every year this still happens. It’s extremely easy for them to overheat in the car. Even when it’s “not that hot” outside, and for the worse to happen.

7. Summer Pet Care, Follow Your Dog’s Lead:

Let your dog guide you when it comes to outdoor activities. Dogs can’t read weather forecasts, so pay attention to their cues. If they’re hesitant to go outside, it’s likely too hot for them. The same as when they let you know it’s too cold or wet! We know our dogs can be reluctant to go out when it rains and it’s usually the same when it’s hot!

By following these summer pet care tips, you can help your furry friend stays cool and safe during the summer months. Enjoy the season while keeping your dog’s well-being a top priority!