November 8, 2023 Natural Highland large antlers dog chew

All Natural Antlers for Dogs

“Why chewing antlers are beneficial for dogs” 

Dogs have an innate tendency to chew, a fact well known to most dog owners. You’ve likely heard stories from dog parents about expensive shoes, favorite slippers, or even chair legs that fell victim to their fur babies’ chewing habits. The frustration of owners is a familiar scene, whether dealing with young or adult dogs, as the urge to chew is a natural instinct for canines.

Puppies, in particular, exhibit a strong inclination to chew, especially around 16 weeks old when teething discomfort becomes evident. Chewing helps alleviate their pain as they transition from baby teeth to adult teeth, eventually boasting a full set of 42 gleaming white teeth by around 7 months of age. At this stage, it’s crucial to maintain their dental health, and chewing antlers for dogs can be a suitable choice due to their softer texture compared to whole antlers.

Interestingly, adult dogs continue to enjoy chewing, and this behavior should be encouraged. Chewing offers a plethora of benefits for your beloved furry companion, essentially serving as a natural defense against dental issues. But it’s not just the dogs who reap the rewards – there are advantages for dog parents as well.

Chewing on antlers can effectively remove plaque from your dog’s teeth, helping reduce tartar buildup and ensuring they stay healthy, clean, and white. Studies have shown that just 30 minutes of daily antler chewing can result in up to a 70% reduction in plaque.

Reducing Plaque is key to helping your dog have clean healthy teeth & breath.

Chewing has a soothing effect on dogs as it triggers the release of endorphins, those feel-good hormones that help calm and relax your pup.

Promoting appropriate chewing behavior by providing your dog with suitable chew items can alleviate boredom and reinforce correct and acceptable conduct.

Antlers the Healthy Chew Option –

Antlers, particularly the Highland Antlers for dogs that we offer, are a healthy choice as they are rich in calcium and phosphorus. They also prove to be long-lasting chews. Furthermore, antlers have no odor and won’t leave unsightly stains on your carpet or furniture.

Our commitment to providing Highland Antlers, sourced from naturally shed fallow deer and red deer antlers in late February and March, ensures that no harm comes to the deer in the collection process. The antlers are cleaned without the use of chemicals and cut to size, with sharp points removed for safety. We take pride in offering one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly dog chews on the market.

Highland Antlers come in various sizes and weights to accommodate most dogs, so be sure to choose the appropriate size and weight for your specific breed. For larger dogs and power chewers, whole antlers may be more suitable, while split antlers are ideal for lighter chewers. Always supervise your dog when chewing an antler or any treat, and regularly inspect the treat/antler to ensure it remains safe for your pet. Chewing antlers for dogs not only satisfies their natural instincts but also contributes to their overall well-being.