Dog Toy | Doog Santa Stick Saint Sticklaus

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The Dog Toy bringing the festive fun…meet the holiday sticks. Safer than a real stick and a lot more fun, these festive guys are splinter free, made from recycled rubber, have glow in the dark eyes and FLOAT IN WATER.

Size: 11″long x 1″wide


The happy jolly stick family of Dog Toys are great Christmas gifts. This stick dog toy has a rope for easy slobber free throwing. Well hopefully it stays slobber free.

Safety NOTE: These are not a chew toy – Fetching only.

PLEASE NOTE: This toy is not for heavy chewers so please use for fetching only and do not leave your dog unsupervised with his sticky friend. This product has been tested to the highest worldwide standards (which even cover kids toys) and has been approved as 100% non toxic.

FEATURES: Floats in water, Glow in the dark eyes, Handy rope for flinging,

Size: 11″long x 1″wide


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