Dorwest | Calming | Scullcap & Valrian | Tablets x 100


This herbal medicine is widely used as a treatment for noise phobias and fears associated with fireworks, thunder and gunfire, as well as for general excitability and hyperactivity. Scullcap and Valerian Tablets can help to naturally reduce your pet`s stress or anxiety, without drowsiness.  .


This product helps to calm and relax dogs or cats without causing drowsiness or sedation, enabling them to have improved concentration, making it ideal for use in showing, agility, or sporting activities. Where nerves might get the better of them.

Popular for use in travel-related anxiety and also for territorial urine spraying in cats. General anxiety and nervous behavior in dogs and cats can be due to a number of very varied causes, from fear of a specific situation such as noise ( fireworks) , separation, travelling, going into kennels or a visit to the vets to a habitual overall ingrained anxiety.

This licensed product is also used under veterinary supervision to aid in the control of epilepsy, often alongside conventional treatments. ALWAYS CONSULT A VET FIRST.

Suitable to use with Dorwest Valerian compound if required.

Ingredients: Active ingredients: Valerian root extract 250mg*; mistletoe extract 150mg*; gentian extract 48mg*; scullcap powder 30mg; *Equivalent from extracts.

Administration: 1 tablet per 5kgs bodyweight daily.


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