James Wellbeloved | Fish | Kitten


The smaller sized kibble is designed for smaller mouths and teeth. The tasty fish kitten food is a crunchy meal that includes calcium and phosphorus to help support bone development and higher levels of protein and fat to support the rapid growth phase.


Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, contained in this dry cat food, help give a glossy, healthy coat, maintaining peak condition. Available in 1.5Kg bag.

Prebiotic and natural chicory inulin in in this healthy kitten food maintain healthy, happy gut flora, preventing tummy problems. Yucca extract reduces offensive odours- for less smelly poos.

The complete, hypoallergenic cat food, with a satisfying crunch, contains a balanced amount of functional fibres for a settled tummy and digestive system.

Ingredients :
fish meal* (24%), white rice, brown rice, olive oil, pea protein, potato protein, fish stock (5.1%), fish oil (5%), maize gluten, tomato pomace, potassium chloride, chicory extract (0.25%), calcium carbonate, carrot, sodium chloride, cranberry extract (0.05%), yucca extract (0.02%), rosemary extract (0.007%), green tea extract (0.004%), pomegranate extract (0.001%). *Sustainably sourced, predominantly ocean white fish.

Additional information

Weight Kilograms (Kg)

1.5Kg, 4Kg


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