Natures Menu | Beef & Chicken 60:40 Brick | Frozen | Dog | Adult | 300g (Complete Meal)


These meaty, raw chicken beef dog food blocks are a super delicious, complete and nutritionally balanced raw meal for dogs. Pack size 300g.




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Natures Menu chicken beef dog food blocks are made with quality, raw natural ingredients you can see, understand and trust. Your dog will love them and you will love the convenience of Natures Menu Complete & Balanced 60/40 blocks. All you have to do is thaw and serve, and you’ll be on your way to happy digestion and a super shiny coat for your furry friend. This recipe of chicken and beef dog food is mixed with our nutrient rich blend of vegetables, brown rice, vitamins and minerals, to give your dog everything they need in a complete and balanced meal. Brown rice can provide a readily available source of fuel for sporting or strenuous activity.

These tasty frozen chicken and beef dog food blocks will ensure you can enjoy worry-free natural feeding and mess-free meal times. Natures menu experts are the ones that craft all our recipes and these raw beef & chicken blocks. With no nonsense and no surprises (artificial colourings or preservatives), they have everything your dog needs, and nothing they don’t.

You may spot some small differences in colour and appearance between batches, due to this being a raw and natural product. As we like to say, it’s only natural!



Beef 30%
Chicken 30%
Brown Rice 16%
Peas 8%
Carrots 5%
Swede 5%


Crude Protein 12%
Crude Fat 9%
Crude Ash 2%
Crude Fibre 1%
Moisture 67%
Kcal 165 Kcal/100g


Vitamin A 1,000IU
Vitamin D3 100IU
Vitamin E 14mg
Zinc sulphate monohydrate 50.1mg, (Zn 18.3mg)
Iron(II) sulphate monohydrate 20mg, (Fe 6mg)
Copper(II) sulphate pentahydrate 7.2mg (Cu 1.8mg)
Calcium iodate anhydrous 0.4mg (I 0.26mg)
Selenised yeast Saccharomyes cerevisiae CNCM I-3060, inactivated 8.6 mg (Se 0.02mg)

Additional information

Weight Grams (g)

12x 400g, 400g

Life Stage

Adult Dog (6/18mths – 6yrs/10yrs)


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