Spike’s Hedgehog Dinner | Dry Food | 650g


Spike’s Dinner is a winning combination of nutritious and delicious chicken-based ingredients designed to supplement a hedgehog’s natural daily diet.

Suitable for Hedgehogs of all ages.


Spike’s Dinner is a crunchy and munchy chicken based food that is made with only the finest natural ingredients and full of natural goodness. Spike’s Dinner is highly digestible and nutritious and the crunchiness of the biscuit will help to maintain his healthy teeth and gums.

Feeding Spike’s Dinner regularly will encourage hedgehogs to visit your garden all year round, it is also useful for helping late born Hoglets to gain sufficient weight to survive the winter.

  • Spike’s Dinner Extruded Chicken based kibble
  • Unique shape designed for young hedgehogs mouths
  • Trialled & approved by hedgehog hospitals
  • Produced specifically for Hedgehog’s dietary needs

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