January 21, 2024 Zebedee Catnip Mice

Zebedee Catnip Mice

Elevate Your Cat’s Playtime to new levels of Enjoyment!


Embark on a journey into the world of feline joy with Zebedee Catnip Mice – the ultimate playtime companion for your beloved cat. Discover the magical allure of Nepeta cataria, packaged within these whimsical mice. Witness how Zebedee’s transform ordinary play into a delightful adventure filled with benefits that will leave your feline friend wanting more.

The Botanical Marvel Unleashed:

Zebedee Catnip Mice are not just ordinary toys; they are enchanting vessels carrying the wonders of catnip (Nepeta cataria). Picture your cat pouncing, batting, and rolling with pure delight as the aromatic Nepetalactone within the catnip engages their senses. Turning playtime into a magical experience.

When you are providing a cat toy, nothing beats the joy catnip can bring!

Benefits Beyond Play:

These captivating mice bring more than just entertainment to the table. Catnip, known for its resilience against drought, deer resistance, and insect-repelling properties, adds a touch of practicality to the enchantment. By introducing Zebedee Catnip Mice, you’re not just investing in play; you’re inviting a world of natural wonder into your cat’s life.

Feline Fascination Unleashed:

Watch as your cat becomes one of the 80% that succumbs to the allure of catnip. Zebedee Catnip Mice trigger playful antics – from running and jumping to rolling, meowing, and purring. Even non-domestic cats can’t resist the enchantment, as Zebedee turns every play session into a captivating display of feline joy.

Zebedee’s Whimsy:

Elevating Playtime: Zebedee isn’t just a toy; it’s a whimsical companion that elevates your cat’s playtime to new heights. The playful mice ensure that every interaction is met with the irresistible aroma of catnip, creating a bond between your feline friend and their enchanting playmate.


Choose Zebedee Catnip Mice and gift your cat the joy of play intertwined with the benefits of Nepeta cataria. Elevate their playtime to a magical experience filled with pounces, bats, and rolls, as the aromatic catnip within Zebedee brings a touch of enchantment to your cat’s world. Invest in Zebedee Catnip Mice today and watch your feline friend revel in the delightful dance of play and natural wonder.