October 30, 2023 Pet Firework Safety Tips

Pet Firework Safety Tips

With pet firework safety in mind, it’s important to prepare for the upcoming firework season. These safety tips are relevant year-round but are especially crucial during this time.

1. Identification/Microchip for Pet Firework Safety:

Ensure your pet’s identification, including microchips and contact information, is up to date. This ensures a quick and safe return if your pets get spooked and escape during firework displays.

2. Securing Your Garden:

If your dog panics and tries to escape into the garden during fireworks, it’s vital to have secure fencing. Regularly check for holes and gaps, especially if you have a dog that loves to dig. Make sure the garden gate is securely shut and at a height that prevents your dog from jumping over it. A sign asking visitors to secure the gate is a wise addition.

3. Inside the Home:

For pet firework safety, if you have a dog prone to being easily spooked, invest in a dog gate. These are effective in preventing dogs from running out of doors and creating safe areas within your home. Dog gates also come in handy for various situations, such as home renovations, unloading groceries, or when guests arrive.

4. Safe Space for Pet Firework Safety:

Create a cozy and secure space within your home where your dog can find comfort during fireworks. Consider a crate with a mattress and a blanket on top, creating a safe hideaway. Allow your dog to get used to this space gradually, using treats and toys to encourage them. This space is essential for ensuring pet firework safety by keeping your dog calm during stressful times. Ensure they have their favorite blankets and toys. You can also create a bed space under a table or in a quiet corner, keeping curtains drawn and doors shut. Maintain a calm atmosphere, talk reassuringly to your dog, and use background noise from the TV or radio (at a normal volume).

5. Calming Products:

To enhance pet firework safety, if your dog experiences severe anxiety and phobias, consider using suitable calming supplements, such as Scullcap and Valerian tablets, a few weeks before firework season. Start treatment a few days or weeks in advance, following the recommended dosage based on your dog’s weight. These products do not induce sleepiness but help calm and relax the nervous system. Always consult your vet if your dog is already on medication.

Prioritizing pet firework safety is essential to ensure the well-being of your furry companions during firework displays.